Black, Clear, Gray, White Palette Stained Glass Feathers-Different Designs


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Black, clear, gray white stained glass feather includes real decorative feathers.  Size is approximately 10 1/2 x 2 1/2. There are spiritual meanings to the colors in feathers, this one represents spirituality, faith, peace and increased wisdom.

It has a leather cord for hanging and comes with a suction cup.  This piece will be a beautiful addition to your decor.  Display on a stand or in a window. You can also display several feathers to create a unique display.

My handmade stained glass pieces are inspired by the Tiffany technique. Each piece is created from a pattern. The glass is then cut and ground on a diamond bit grinder, copper foiled and soldered.  The finished piece is then cleaned and polished.    

All stained glass sun catchers and windows are made with 60/40 solder.

All jewelry is made with premium lead free solder.